5/9 Altar Update

Enemy crowd control is now based on “Enemy Level” (Gold shield to the left of Wave Timer), instead of Round#. Overall, this is a buff to frostmages and crowd control in general.

The Wisdom Altar (Double Trouble)

  • Can now be used at any level
  • Grants a minimum of 20 levels
  • (Still doubles your level if it’s 20+)
  • The displayed “Enemy level” and “Enemy Power” are now more accurate

Experimental Altar added to Dune Gauntlet

  • The altar gives you 5% of the xp you’d gain from the barracks, but the xp is granted every wave for the rest of the game
  • Sitting in the altar fills up the challenge bar at the same rate as sitting in the barracks
  • Using your power in the altar gives you 6x the xp at a cost of 3.5 power per second (same as in the barracks)
  • I haven’t decided yet if this altar will stay. It also might move to Wandering Fields instead


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