How to Play

Stream Defense is a Twitch-Plays game which is played by typing commands into Twitch chat.  Since the game is streamed over Twitch there is a natural delay of 2 – 20 seconds between when you enter your command and see it reflected on the stream (the delay is typically shorter on desktop)

Pick a Class

Stream Defense pick a class panel

To join a game of Stream Defense you must pick a class to play. You do this by typing !<classname> (example: type !archer in the chat to join as an archer). There are 6 classes available to everyone, which are shown on the left side of the game.

After a 2 – 20 second delay you will see your unit spawn on the left side of the screen and walk to the barracks.

If the streamer has allowed it, you may bring in multiple units. (See “Playing Multiple Units” below for more details)

Each class has a default specialization, plus several others which can be unlocked.  Read the “Essence” section below for information on how to unlock specs and talents.

For detailed information on all the classes and their specializations, visit the classes page.