Target Priority

By default, each class specialization will prioritize enemies they are effective against.  However, if you want to focus on different enemies, you can change how your character prioritizes targets with the following commands:

You can choose 1 SORTING OPTION, and as many PRIORITIES as you’d like. The game will first filter out the enemies that don’t fit your PRIORITIES , and will then sort them by your SORTING OPTION.



To set your SORTING OPTION: Type !tars=<option> (Example: !tars=front OR !tars=f)

  • front (f) (The enemy closest to the barracks)
  • back (b) (The enemy farthest from the barracks)
  • closest (c) (The enemy closest to your tower)
  • farthest (r) (The enemy farthest from your tower)
  • leasthealth (l) (The enemy with the least health remaining)
  • mosthealth (h) (The enemy with the most health remaining)
  • leastmaxhealth (x) (The enemy with the least health, when at full health)
  • mostmaxhealth (m) (The enemy with the most health, when at full health)
  • leastarmor (t) (The enemy with the least remaining armor)
  • mostarmor (a) (The enemy with the most remaining armor)
  • aoe (o) (The enemy which has the most nearby enemies [within 2.5 meters])
  • quickest (q) (The enemy with the fastest movement speed, or closest to the barracks, if it’s a tie)
  • slowest (s) (The enemy with the slowest movement speed, or farthest from the barracks, if it’s a tie)


To add a PRIORITY: Type !tarp+<priority> (Example: !tarp+armored OR !tarp+a)
To remove a PRIORITY: Type !tarp-<priority> (Example: !tarp-armored OR !tarp-a)
To remove all PRIORITIES: Type !tarp– (It’s hard to tell, but that’s 2 ‘-‘)
To set your PRIORITIES: Type !tarp=<priority1,priority2,priority2> (Example: !tarp=armored,belowhalf,boss OR !tarp=a,h,b)

  • armored (a) (Enemies with some remaining armor)
  • belowhalf (h) (Enemies which have less than half their maximum health remaining)
  • boss (b) (Bosses)
  • burning (g) (Enemies who have been ignited by the pyromancer or trapper)
  • challenge (c) (Enemies with a challenge affix [cloaked, horde, fast, elite, armored])
  • charmable (r) (Enemies which can currently be charmed [not charmed, and not immune])
  • multiple (m) (Enemies which have at least one nearby enemy [within 2.5 meters])
  • notboss (o) (Enemies which are not bosses)
  • notmarked (x) (DeathDealer/UndeadArcher Only: Enemies which do not have your mark)
  • spawned (p) (Normal enemies. Excludes Summons, Spawner Towers, and Challenge Enemies)
  • oneshot (1) (Enemies which would be killed by one of your attacks [may be buggy for some specs])
  • slowable (l) (Enemies which can currently be slowed [not cc’d or immune])
  • stackable (t) (Alchemists Only: Enemies which have less than the maximum stacks of your poison)
  • structure (s) (Spawner Towers on the map “Arid Junction”)
  • stunnable (e) (Enemies which can be stunned [not stunned or immune])
  • stunned (d) (Enemies which are currently stunned)
  • summoned (u) (Enemies which have been summoned by a Highpriest)
  • unarmored (n) (Enemies which currently have no armor)
  • weak (w)  (Enemies who are currently weakened by a trapper)
  • target (v)  (Enemies who are currently marked by the commander to take additional damage)


EXAMPLE: If your SORTING option is “front”, and your PRIORITIES are “armored”, “oneshot”, and “boss”:

  • armored: If any of the enemies within your range are armored, you will ignore all other enemies.
  • oneshot: If any of the remaining enemies could be killed by one attack from you, you will ignore all other enemies.
  • boss: If any remaining enemies is a boss, you will ignore all other enemies.
  • front: From the remaining enemies, you will attack the “front”, or the enemy closest to reaching the barracks.


To see your current target SORTING and PRIORITIES: Type !tarinfo
To save your target settings: Copy the Code from !tarinfo
To reuse target settings: Type !tar=<code> (Example: !tar=fa1b)