Altars are being added to most maps in the game.  Each altar works differently, and exists to change how the specific level is played.  Here is a list of each of the altars, which map they belong to, and what happens upon visiting them.

I can use as many ideas as I can get, so I setup a suggestion form just for altars here!  There are guidelines on the form to help you come up with ideas that could make it into the game.

Lava Altar

Found on Map: Lava or Leave It

Stream Defense lava altar

What happens when visiting the Lava Altar depends on the color of the large crystal in the center of the altar.

BLUE: The player will gain 1 power every 1.75 seconds.

RED: The player’s power will be drained very quickly.  While their power is drained, the path will turn into lava, dealing damage to all enemies on the screen (Damage is based on the player’s level). The player also has a chance to summon lava elementals which walk backwards along the path, damaging enemies.

Each elemental has a 25% chance of becoming a golem instead, dealing more damage, and stunning enemies.  Elemental and Golem damage is based on the wave number.

All damage counts as damage for the player who used the altar.

Rebirth Altar

Found on Map: Frozen Steppes

Stream defense rebirth altar

When a player visits the Rebirth Altar, their experience will be drained, taking them back to level 1.  However, for the rest of the game, they will receive a portion of the drained experience after every wave.  Players can revisit the altar as often as they’d like – increasing how much experience they earn at the end of each wave.

The portion of XP recovered each wave is based on the number of waves:

  • Endless: 4%
  • 50 Waves: 8%
  • 40 Waves: 10%
  • 30 Waves: 12%
  • 20 Waves: 18%

Wisdom Altar

Found on Map: Double Trouble

Stream Defense altar of wisdom

Requires a coin to use: The effect of the Wisdom Altar depending on the color of the player’s coin:

  • Visiting with a gold coin, causes player’s level will increased by 8, and curses the player with a red coin. The player cannot train while holding the red coin.
  • Visiting with a red coin removes the coin and sets the player’s level to the same level a new unit would join at.

Coins can drop from any enemy and go to a random player, preferring players in the tower that got the killing blow

Challenge Altar

Found on Map: Dune Gauntlet

stream defense challenge altar

This altar requires a gold coin to enter. Gold coins have a small chance of dropping from any enemy and favor players in the tower that got the final blow.

Only one player can enter the Challenge Altar at a time.  Upon entering, a small wave of enemies will spawn and walk towards the tower.  If the player can defeat all the enemies before they reach the tower, they will be rewarded with a large sum of XP.  However, if any of the enemies reach the tower, the player will be kicked out and the challenge will reset.

Investment Altar

Found on Map: Lost Desert

The investment altar works a lot like the barracks. However, instead of receiving XP immediately, you receive an “investment” equal to a portion of the XP you’d receive from the barracks. Each player’s investment accumulates over the course of the game and will never decrease. Every wave, each player will receive their total investment in the form of XP.

The portion of XP granted is based on the number of waves:

  • Endless: 4%
  • 50 Waves: 8%
  • 40 Waves: 10%
  • 30 Waves: 12%
  • 20 Waves: 18%