A Step in the Right Direction… Hopefully

I’m planning another big update to Endless mode and how multi-character play works. If you’d like to read about it and provide feedback, I’d love to hear it: https://www.streamdefense.com/forums/topic/the-death-of-endless-mode/

In the meantime, I’d like to start dripping in some of the balance changes I feel confident about (or at least confident with the direction). As such, I bring you the first round of changes, already live in the game:

Lower Character Limit

  • The character limit has been adjusted as follows (expect these numbers to change, at least slightly)
    • Over 36 Players: 1 character per player
    • 13 – 36 Players: 2 characters per player
    • 4 – 12 Players: 3 characters per player
    • 1 – 3 Players: 4 characters per player

Essence Split

To prevent players from feeling as if they MUST play the maximum number of characters, essence rewards will now be split between you characters

Staggered Movement

To prevent your characters from stacking on top of each other, there is now a 0.25s delay between each of your character’s movement (when sending movement commands to multiple characters)

Poisoner Nerf

  • All Poisoner specs have had their base damage reduced by ~10%. Poisoners are very strong right now, and happen to be effective against all enemy types. While I want poisoners to be necessary for shrooms, and a solid all-around class, they shouldn’t be replacing the need for archers, as they are currently.
    • PlaugeDoctor: From 272 to 245
    • DeathDealer: From 100 to 90
    • UndeadArcher: From 40 to 35
    • PotionMaster: From 220 to 200

Enemy Balance

  • I believe part of the reason archers feel so weak is that the waves for which they should be necessary are too easy to defeat without them. As an experiment against that theory, I’ve increased the health of Trolls and Bosses and decreases the health of spiders and skeletons (which just felt too strong in general)
    • Spiders health dropped from 50 – 45
    • Skeletons health dropped from 75 – 65
    • Troll health rose from 175 – 200
    • Minotaur health rose from 1365 – 1500
    • SkeleBoss health rose from 235 – 260
    • Dragon health rose from 900 – 1000
    • Rock Golem health rose from 324 – 360

Note: If archers still feel weak after this build as been tested thoroughly – they will receive another buff.

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