Alpha Release Patch (In Progress)

I’m currently focused on preparing the game for alpha. As soon as that’s complete, I’ll start sending out some alpha keys to players who have completed the alpha sign up.

These changes are already live on my channel:

Class Balance Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where the DeathDealer could power up with only 1 power (it should require 12 power).
  • I had to nerf the Scout a bit… sorry.
    • The Scout can now only add rapid/power to a tower at most, twice per wave.
      This was to prevent him from being too powerful when there are only 2-4 players in the game.
    • If there are multiple Scouts in a single tower, they will now split the progress towards adding rapid/power to a tower.
      This hasn’t been an issue yet, but I wanted to avoid a situation where players felt like they needed multiple scouts in a single tower.
  • Buffed the impact damage of the Plaguedoctor talent, Potent from 90 to 108.

Other Changes

  • Adventure Mode Levels no longer have a faction attached to them. This changes a few things:
    • The perks on each Adventure Mode level will be randomized. Streamers will have the option to use their chosen perks instead.
    • The “Faction Cheer” at the end of each game, which awards bonus essence to a given faction, will also be randomized.
  • Fixed a bug with the Rebirth Altar where you could get above the 25,000xp max
  • Increased the starting enemy level of the Challenge Altar on Adventure mode. It will now go up by 1 for each game, to account for the Adventure Perks.
    For example, on Game 3 of an Adventure run, the enemy level will start at 7 instead of 5.
  • The gold coin drop chance for the Wisdom Altar will now be based on the number of players without a coin, instead of the total number of players.
    The is to prevent a situation where players can regain a gold coin very quickly in games with many players. I want there to be some uncertainty about how long you’ll have to wait to get your next gold coin, so that using your red coin is more meaningful.
  • The game will now send more whisper messages to chat, explaining how to play the game (streamers will have the option to disable these messages).

These changes are still in progress:

  • A “Special Skill” button for the player’s action bar
  • More levels for the Campaign Mode
  • Twitch Message Options Menu (Thanks to quadlite for that feedback!)
  • Random Adventure Perks Option in Game Menu

My goal is to release the first batch of alpha keys by the end of day, February 20th.

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