The Blitz/Challenge Update (Big Changes)

September 1 Update:

As expected, the update (detailed below) brought some balance issues. I’ve made some changes to address these issues, along with one other issue I’ve been noticing recently.

  • At the start of each game, the barracks will now reward 50 xp/wave (down from 100)
    • The goal is to make training less essential in the first few rounds. I noticed that the amount you train on round one made a dramatic difference in the difficulty of the rest of the game, which felt counterintuitive.
  • The xp/wave increase from the barracks leveling up is now less exponential
    • It was a bit ridiculous on my first pass. It should still increase more quickly in later rounds than it did before the August 29 update.
  • Difficulty has been adjusted accordingly. Most notably, the first few rounds will be easier to account for the reduction in xp/wave.
  • I added an option to dynamically adjust the difficulty for Adventure Mode with Viewer Run is enabled. This was the default previously. Now it’s opt-in only. It’s now disabled on my stream.

Original Post from August 29:

MVP Charge

  • The “Top Contributors” at the end of each wave are now called “Wave MVPs
  • After each wave, the MVP board will award an MVP Charge granting power to all MVPs
  • The total power granted by the MVP Charge is equal to 4 * the number of units in the game (the actual amount may change)
    • Example: If there are 6 units in the game, that’s a total of 24 power (6 units * 4 power per unit). If there are 4 MVPs, they would each receive 6 power.
  • Boss waves grant 3x power (12 power per unit in the game).
  • When there are fewer than 5 units, the MVP Board will now show one less unit (so there will always be at least one unit not on the board)

Blitz Kills

  • Blitz Kills no longer award Challenge Tomes
  • Instead, Blitz Kills will increase the power awarded by MVP Charge by 2 per unit in the game (a 50% increase).

Challenge Waves

  • The Challenge Meter is gone. Training no longer has any effect on Challenge Waves.
  • The Blitz Tracker is here:

    • After receiving 5 Blitz Kills, the next wave will be a Challenge Wave.
    • This is now the only method by which to earn a Challenge Wave.
    • Challenge Tomes and Challenge Potions have been removed from the game. Perks which granted one of these have been replaced with Power Tomes or Blitz Kills.
  • Challenge Waves no longer award Supply or Experience
  • Instead, defeating a Challenge Wave will increase the power awarded by MVP Charge by 20 per unit in the game (a 500% increase).
  • The Blitz Tracker shows what the type of the next Challenge Wave, so you can play accordingly.
  • Armored enemies can now have the Armored Challenge Wave
    • This doubled their armor and makes armor reduce 75% damage taken (up from the normal 50%)
  • Shrooms can now have the Cloaked Challenge Wave
    • The two effects cause the Shrooms to hide more often



  • Supply will no longer immediately increase the experience the Barracks grants
  • Instead, after earning 5 Supply, the Barracks will level up, significantly increasing the amount of XP earned per wave

    • Increases in XP/Wave will become larger as the Barracks levels up. This way, earning a Supply is always significant.
  • This also makes Supply more valuable. Spells and Perks that award Supply have been nerfed accordingly. This will probably require some time to balance.
  • A new item has been added: Supply Crate. The Supply Crate adds one level to the Barracks.
    • It’s effectively just 5 Supply
    • One Supply Crate will drop from each Boss Chest


Balance Changes

  • Adventure Difficulty was increased by 11%
  • Endless Difficulty was increased by 38%

Other Changes

  • New animations have been added to items, to better show their effect
  • Perks have been moved to the lower right corner to make room for the new Blitz Tracker and Supply Tracker UIs
  • The “Next Wave” UI now shows the next enemy TYPE, instead of the enemy for the next wave

    • For example: On Wave 1, the “Next Wave” UI will show the enemy which is spawning on Wave 4 (since the enemy will be the same on Wave 2 and 3 as it is on Wave 1)
    • This way, players can better prepare for the next enemy
  • Tutorials have been updated accordingly
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