Challenge Waves

Stream Defense BountyChallenge waves (previously called “bounties”) are special enemy waves which reward bonus XP if killed without leaking.

Once unlocked, there will be a “Challenge Bar” above the barracks.  While players are earning experience in the barracks, the challenge bar will fill up. The more players in the barracks, the quicker the bar will fill.  However, anytime an enemy leaks, the challenge bar will lose progress based on the max health of the leaked enemy.

Once the challenge bar is full, a random “challenge affix” will be added to the wave after next (to give players ample time to respond).  A tag will be added after the “next wave enemy” on the top of the screen.Upcoming bounty

You can see which affix the current wave has underneath the wave number at the top of the screen.Current bounty

Here is a list of the possible affixes (more may be added in the future):

  • Horde (doubles the number of enemies in the wave)
  • Elite (Divides the number of enemies by 3, but multiplies their health by 5, and the damage they deal to the barracks 3)
  • Armored (Adds armor to the enemies.  If the enemy is already armored, it doubles it)
  • Fast (Increases the movement speed of the enemy by 70%. Also reduces their CC Resistance by 15)
  • Cloaked (Enemies will become cloaked for 4 seconds after being hit. Similar to shrooms’ burrow effect)

Bounty failed messageWhen the wave is over, a message will be displayed in the lower right corner, showing either “Challenge Complete” or “Challenge Failed”.  Any players who appears on the “Top Contributors” board on the left side of the screen at the end of a completed challenge wave will received a large experience bonus.  Challenge waves also reward more points than normal waves do.