Crowd Control Update

I’ve made some changes to how crowd control works: The diminishing returns of Slow are now less severe, and more similar to those of Stun and Charm.

HOW CROWD CONTROL WORKS (For those who are unfamiliar)

  • Enemies start with a ccResist based on their level (shown in the orange crest to the left of the wave timer).
  • Players’ ccPower is based on their character level.
    • Each of these numbers increases by about 10% each level, so the gains are multiplicative.
  • When you place a crowd control effect on an enemy (slow, stun, charm, or knockback) the result is a product of the crowd control’s base power (ex: 3 second stun) multiplied by the ratio of your ccPower / the enemy’s ccResist. 
  • Each time an enemy is crowd controlled, their ccResist goes up – over time, their ccResist goes down (never falling below their base ccResist)


  • Previously, if an enemy’s “ccResist” was twice your “ccPower” (a ratio of 1/2) that would divide the lost movement speed by 2. (Example: If your slow brought them down to 10% move speed – a reduction of 90% – that would be cut in half, to 45%. Their movement speed would be brought down to 55%)
  • Now, if an enemy’s “ccResist” is twice your “ccPower” (again, a ratio of 1/2) that will divide the movement speed divider by 2. (Example: If your slow brought them down to 10% move speed – in other words: divided it by 10 – it would subtract 1 (9) cut it in half (4.5) and add back the 1 (for a final divider of 5.5) – removing and adding the 1 ensures every slow always has some effect. Their movement speed would be brought down to 18%)
  • This will be an overall buff to slows, but will mostly affect powerful slows (such as Slow Time Bubble) while enemies have high ccResist.
  • Enemy ccResist used to max out at 300% base resist. That has been increased to 500% (This is mostly to make sure stacking frostmages isn’t overly effective)
  • ccResist will now have a more direct impact on crowd control – you will probably notice its effects more (both positive and negative)
  • Lightninmage’s stun is back up to 1 sec (it was 0.75 sec briefly)
  • IceMages slow is now 35% (up from 30%). However, this update is almost surely a buff to IceMages overall.
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