February 26th Balance Update

Along with the latest update came some major game imbalances. This patch is an attempt to fix some of those, but the journey towards balance is never-ending. Expect many more balance updates in the coming weeks.

Minstrel + Power Usage

Up until now, the math was such that you got a disproportionate benefit from spending your power while receiving levels from a minstrel. Therefore, the optimal strategy has been to only spend your power while being buffed by a minstrel. This is less than ideal as it puts too much weight on a single spec, and creates a strategy that is not intuitive for new players. To address this, your power cost will now scale up when receiving levels from a minstrel.

Example: Sylph (bowman) is in a tower with Banduri (minstrel). Banduri is granting 4 levels to Sylph – an increase of ~100% (it’s actually 107.36%, but I’m rounding down to keep the math simple). Bringing his effective damage to 200%. While Sylph is powered, his damage is increased by approximately 200% – this would normally bring his damage to 300%, but since his damage is being doubled by Banduri, his effective damage is now 600%.

    • In the old version, there’s an extra 200% that is unaccounted for (100% comes from Sylph’s base damage; 200% comes from Sylph’s power spend; 100% comes from Banduri’s minstrel buff) In other words, Banduri’s contribution was tripled without Banduri doing or spending anything, merely because Sylph powered up.
    • In the new version, Sylph’s power cost would be increased by 107.36% (but we’ll just call it 100%). Now, Sylph is still doing ~600% damage while powered. However, since the 200% from his power usage is now effectively 400%, his power cost is also doubled. The extra damage per power spent remains the same as if he didn’t have a minstrel buff. The 100% bonus damage from Banduri’s minstrel buff remains the same as if Sylph was unpowered. 

I assure you, while this is a nerf, it does not mean that you are being penalized for powering up with a minstrel. To the contrary, you get the same benefit per power spent as you would without a minstrel. Powering up with a minstrel now just allows you to dish out your empowered damage quicker.

Power in the Barracks

  • I’ve scaled back the increased rate at which you spend power in the barracks. It was originally ~3 power/second – I changed it to 10 power/second – it’s now 5 power/second.
  • I’ve also increased the amount of xp you get per power spent this way from 1.5 seconds of wave xp to 2 seconds of wave xp per power spent.
  • As an experiment: I’ve used the same math to determine how much xp you gain from “wasted power” (power earned after your power bar is full): Players will now gain 2 seconds of wave xp for each wasted power.
    • I reserve the right to lower this, if it results in less active game-play

Class Balance Changes

  • Sniper/Weaken: Weak damage has been increased from 100% to 125%
  • Necromancer: Zombie damage has been increased by 25% to account for the minstrel changes
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