Highpriest Balance Update

Some players have rightfully pointed out how important the spell Meditate is, despite being available only to Emerald and Citrine priests. As was suggested, I decided to try making meditate a purchasable spell.  However, I also didn’t want players to feel forced into buying Meditate…

Looking into the issue further, I’ve decided Orbs aren’t as valuable as I intended them to be. In an effort to make Orbs feel more precious (and Meditate less mandatory) I’ve increased the effectiveness of spells with an Orb cost (details below): where internally Orbs were worth about 15 mana, they’re now worth approximately 25 mana. To balance this change, I’ve reduced the amount of Mana and Orbs earned each round:

  • Highpriests will now earn 10 mana each round (down from 15)
  • Enemies will now have half their original chance of dropping a Mana Orb on death (From about 1 per wave to about 1 per 2 waves). This doesn’t effect orbs given out from the priest tower, and therefore will only be a reduction of about 1 Orb every 2 waves (regardless of the number of highpriests)

Overall, this is probably a slight nerf to Highpriests. That being said: I think they probably needed a slight nerf. Keep in mind: each highpriest only adds 10% health to the enemies, and it’s not hard to increase the damage done (or reduce the damage taken) by your team by more than 10% each wave. After some testing, I think it’s safe to say the changes result in a slight buff to Highpriests. However, I’ll give it some time before drawing any conclusions.

Spell Changes

  • Power Ooze: Mana cost reduced from 40 to 30 (15 for Onyx)
  • Experience Ooze: Orb cost reduced from 3 to 2
  • Boulder Turret: Each cast adds 8 6 boulders. Orb cost reduced from 3 to 2 (1 with rank 30 emerald and Restoration active).
  • Haste: Uses all available orbs and increases the attack speed of all players by 65% for 5 4 seconds. Duration increased by 5 7 seconds for each orb (maximum of 20 25 seconds with 3 orbs).
  • Slow Bubble: …Enemies are slowed to 15% 10% movement speed
  • Enlighten: The experience granted is the equivalent of training for 16 20 seconds in the barracks.
  • Transmute: Total power given is equal to 9 10 * [Players in game].
  • Knowledge:  Total experience is equal to [6 8 sec of training xp] * [players in game]
  • Restoration: Mana cost reduced from 35 to 25.
  • Army: Orb cost reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Wisdom: Double the experience granted to players while training in the barracks for 12 18 seconds.
  • Shield: Orb cost reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Freeze: Duration increased from 5 seconds to 6.5 seconds;
  • Mastery: Grants 500 750 Mastery to all players in the tower for 60 seconds.
    • Some specializations would stop benefiting from mastery at a certain point (Assassins reached maximum crit chance at 800). Each of those specs has been adjusted, and now receives a damage bonus for each point of Mastery beyond their cap (Bowman, Knifethrower, Assassin, IceMage, Trickster)
  • Focus: Adds 75 100 ranks to the gem of each player in the tower for 60 seconds.

NEW SPELL: RapidFire (Replaced Meditate for Citrine and Emerald priests): Enchants a tower, causing each player inside to automatically attack every 0.2sec while enemies are within 8 meters (for a total of 20 extra attacks). Cost: 2 Orbs.

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