January 30, 2021 Tests

I’m testing a few changes, based on some recent player feedback:

  1. Gaining excess power (above 120) will no longer grant XP unless you’re in the barracks.
    1. Not only does this feel a little more intuitive, I’m hoping it will reduce the amount of AFK tower camping and make the game more engaging.
  2. You can now join the game at any point (instead of only before wave 30)
  3. You can now immediately join with the max number of units (instead of only one per round)
    1. This means you can also choose to leave with one unit and bring a different unit in. However, you still cannot return with a unit once it has left the game. I’m open to solutions to that issue, but I want to avoid players swapping units constantly based on the wave or other players.

Please let me know what you think. Twitter and Discord are the best places to leave feedback

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