July 23 – Small Balance Update

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which lowered the drop chance of Power Orbs to 50% of the normal amount. (The bug was introduced with the recent Highpriest changes)
  • Fixed an exploit with Investment Altar and the Highpriest spell Knowledge.

Gem Changes

  • The Power buff from Citrine has changed:  Gain 2 power at the start of each wave (+0.05 per gem rank)
  • The Power buff from Onyx has changed:  Gain 0.5 power at the start of each wave (+0.03 per gem rank)

Archer Buffs

  • Bowman base damage increased from 155 to 175
  • Sniper base damage increased from 200 to 230
  • Gunner base damage increased from 105 to 125
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