July 31 Balance Update and Reset

This morning I implemented a balance update along with a reset of all map progression. All personal progress (class ranks, gem ranks, gold, etc.) is saved. However, you guys will now need to earn all your badges again. This means that the maps are back to “Easy” mode, and will need to be unlocked along with the mercs and perks.


Mostly for funsies – the game was becoming a little stale without frequent updates. However, I also want to test the difficulty again before releasing the Highpriest update.


  • Easy, Normal & Hard difficulty: Each map is now 7.5% harder than the previous (up from 5%). The essence and shards rewarded have increased by the same ratio.
  • Hard is now about 17% harder, and rewards about 17% more shards and essence.
  • Endless is now about 55% harder, and rewards about 55% more shards and essence.
  • Frozen Steppes’ base difficulty is now lower, but the difficulty per player increases faster. This should make the map much less punishing for players who join late.


  • Removed class bonuses from Potion Master
  • Potion master stun chance increased to 70% (from 50%)
  • Potion master acid radius increased to 2.5 meters (up from 1.75 meters)
  • Potion master armor reduction increased to 150% of damage (up from 100%)
  • Bowman gains 0.8% crit per rank (up from 0.75%)
  • Knifethrower Ricochet chance per level increased from 1% to 1.25% (mastery from .0625 to .075)
  • Ninja bonus damage reduced from 500% to 400%
  • Minstrel increase per rank (and per mastery) cut in half
  • Assassin crit chance is 12.5% + 0.75% per rank instead of 1% per rank
  • Assassin poison damage is increased by 3% per alch rank (up from 2%)
  • Shockmage base stun is now 2.5 sec (up from 2 sec)
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