Minor Update: Pause Button, New ChatBot, and More

As always, there will be bugs. Please report any bugs or general feedback in the Discord channel!

Quality of Life Stuff

  • Added a “Play” button to start each round when Viewer Mode is off. 
    • While the streamer is playing, the next round won’t start until they hit the Play button
  • Added a “Pause” button
    • This is to give players time to think. Actions can be queued while the game is paused, but nothing will happen until the game is resumed.
  • Players can join the game with the class initial.
    • For example, type “!a” to join as an archer. Since two of the initials are already used for locations (“!a” for altar and “!t” for train), those commands will only bring in the respective unit if you don’t already have any units in the game.
  • Fixed a handful of small bugs, not worth mentioning

Chat Bot Stuff

  • Bot messages are now sent from the StreamDefenseAlerts account by default.
    • Streamers: For this to work correctly, make sure StreamDefenseAlerts is a mod in your channel.
    • If the messages are not being sent from StreamDefenseAlerts, the game should send messages through the streamer’s account instead.
    • I have not yet tested this on any account except my own. Please report any bugs you find in the Discord channel!
  • By default, the bot will post less messages to chat
    • “Wave #” messages are off by default.
    • “Ready?” message is sent less frequently.
    • You can enable/disable any message type in the Game Options menu

Balance Stuff

  • Reduced the amount of power granted from Clutch kills from 12 to 5 (Sorry, Syuvi)
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