Multi-Character Update!

DISCLAIMER: I realize this update is messy and not always super fun right now. Please know that I’m also unhappy with it. I’m giving you this update before doing any testing, and therefore it’s unbalanced and doesn’t always feel great. Trust that I will continue to take your feedback and improve it slowly but surely. Eventually I’m sure it will get to a state preferable to the old version. Please bear with me. Continue playing, and continue complaining 🙂

To address some concerns with players using multiple accounts (among other reasons), I’ve decided to allow players to join the game with multiple characters from the SAME ACCOUNT:  You can play with your archer, rogue, and highpriest at the same time, without having to create multiple Twitch accounts, or use a multi-account controller.

This is a large change to how the game receives commands, and therefore will likely come with a host of bugs. Don’t be surprised if I have to pull back the release several times to fix game-breaking bugs. I’ve also backed up the database, just in case a bug makes an irreversible mistake.

  • Players still join the game as always (!<classname>). However, you can now do this multiple times to join the game with multiple characters (One of each class)
  • The amount of characters you can play at once is based on how many players (not characters) are in the game. The current breakpoints are somewhat arbitrary and will probably change over time:
    • 1 or 2 players: All 7 characters
    • 5 or less players: 6 characters
    • 10 or less players: 5 characters
    • 15 or less players: 4 characters
    • 20 or less players: 3 characters
    • 36 or less players: 2 characters
    • More than 36 players: 1 character
  • I also plan on having a personal limit based on your Gem Rank (with one character slot unlocking every ~5 ranks), but for testing reasons, that limit isn’t in the game yet
  • Upon reaching one of the player breakpoints, any player who has more than the allowed characters will have one of their characters automatically removed from the game (currently this is the character who joined most recently, but that’s subject to change)
  • To control a single character, type the first letter of the class name before the command (a!12 to send your archer to tower 12)
  • So that each class starts with a different letter, the names of some classes have changed:
    • The Frostmage is now the Timemage
    • The Alchemist is now the Poisoner
  • To control multiple characters, include each class’s initial before the command (ab!p to power up your archer and bard)
  • To control all characters, enter the command with no prefix (!t to send ALL characters to the barracks)
  • To cast a spell with your highpriest, simply type the spell name (the “hp” prefix has been removed from all spells. Type !str12 to cast strength on tower 12. All other characters will ignore the command
  • Mercenaries have been removed from the game
  • The Trapper has been removed temporarily, but will be returning as the bard prestige spec


  • Each character will receive essence for their own class at the end of each round. This currently opens the door for an obvious exploit: Joining right before the round ends to earn essence. I haven’t decided yet how to address this
  • Playing with multiple characters will not increase how many gem shards you earn. Gem shards are given per player, not per character.
  • Gold will be given for each character you have in the game.

Multi Account Rules

  • For now, players can EITHER play on 2 accounts, or control multiple characters on the same account. However, if you’re using multiple accounts, you may only use 1 character per account. The first time this rule is broken you will receive a warning. If it happens again, one of the accounts will be banned (mod’s choice)
  • Soon, playing on multiple accounts will not be allowed. Before that rule is implemented, I plan on adding a command which will let you combine 2 accounts – not adding essence and shards together, but rather taking the highest rank between the 2.
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