New Bonus Gold System!

I’ve made a change to how bonus gold is awarded at the end of each wave.  This will not affect gold rewarded for killing blows, or gold rewarded at the end of the game.

In the old system: Gold was awarded to the 4 towers that did the most damage.  There were several issues with this system; the biggest one being that it punished players who left their tower before the end of the wave.

In the new system: Gold is awarded to the players that do the most damage / crowd control / armor reduction / “barding”.  The amount of players that can receive this bonus is TotalPlayers/4 + 3.  So in a 4 player game, up to 4 players can receive the reward.  In a 60 player game, up to 18 players can receive the reward.

There will likely be some bugs to work on, so bear with me. However I think the change will be an overall improvement.  Please post any feedback you might have in the forums.

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