New Feature: Game Modes

The perk system has been mostly successful, giving players new experiences each game. However, many players (myself included) would still like the option to play the original game mode: No Perks, Endless Survival.

New Game Mode

Now, after the barracks is destroyed, players will get to vote between 2 game modes for the following game:

  • Roguelike (The current game mode: 5 Games with perk options throughout)
  • Endless (A single map, no perks, see how far you can get)

Because I had to edit some of the core game code to make this change, there will definitely be bugs. Please just bear with me as we find and fix them

New Medal Math

I’ve also changed how the rank of the Medal that drops at the end of each game is calculated.  Here’s the math:

(Highest Round Beaten * 10) + (Random Number 0-5 * 5)

So if you died on wave 32, the highest round beaten would be 3, which would give you a “Base Rank” of 30. The game would then roll a random number between 0-5. Let’s say it rolled a 3. That gets multiplied by 5, for a total of 15. That’s added to the Base Rank of 30, for a final rank of 45.

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