One More Step Towards the Update

I’m continuing to drip-release the upcoming patch with a mini-update today:

One Unit (Character) Per Round

  • You may now only bring one unit into the game each round
  • The biggest advantage of this change: The units per player will never decrease, and therefore you’ll never have your extra units kicked from the game.

No Late Joiners (at least not super-late)

  • New players can no longer join after wave 40 (subject to change)
  • Current players can continue to bring in 1 unit per round until they hit the Max Units per Player
    • Due to a mistake on my part, even current players cannot bring in new units after wave 40 (even if they leave with a current unit). However, I think I want to test this for a few days to see how it impacts late-game.

Increase Difficulty (and rewards)

  • The difficulty has increased starting at Round 2. However, the increase probably won’t be noticeable until round 4 or 5. By wave 100, however, the difficulty will be nearly double what it was before the update
  • The essence and shards earned at the end of each Round are directly tied to the difficulty, so those will increase proportionally.
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