Stream Defense online leaderboard

Online Leaderboards: Live Now!

I’ve been playing around with online features. I have a lot of big ideas, but right now I’m just testing some smaller features, starting with leaderboards.

August 12 Update: Online Leaderboard are now live!

You can see the leaderboards here

As of this post, there aren’t yet many entries, as the feature was just added. The leaderboards only apply to Endless mode, so if you want to get on there, play some Endless game!

Global, Online High Score Tracking

Today I released the first phase of this feature. While you can’t yet see an actual leaderboard, high scores are now being tracked in an online database, and you can see the global high score in game.

The feature is only for Endless mode. When selecting a map, you can see the global high score for each map, along with the streamer that holds it:

stream defense highscores on endless mode

While in an endless game, you’ll see your high score as well as the global high score in the top right.

stream defense highscores on endless mode, in game

Coming Next: Online Leaderboards

This feature is still in development. I would be surprised if there are no serious bugs. Please bear with me as I work through them.

Next, I plan to start working on adding a leaderboard page to the website, where you’ll be able to see the top 20 streamers’ high score on each map, as well as the top 20 players that contributed to the highest score for each map.

Idea: Seasons

I’m also thinking it would be a good idea to periodically reset the leaderboards. At the end of each “season” I could make a blog post announcing the top streamers and players. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this:

Moving forward

I have a ton of ideas for more online features. Most importantly, I want player progress to be shared across streams. I also want to give perks to players who have purchased the game on Steam, even while they’re playing on someone else’s stream. Those features will take much more time, but I’m excited to have made a little progress towards those goals.

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