Small Balance Update (July 21, 2018)


  • Fixed a bug which prevented the PM’s attack period from doubling when taking the new upgrade, “Deadly
  • Fixed a bug which caused the acid clouds from the upgrade “Nebulous” to receive the tower bonus damage twice. (You were close, BKayrac)
  • Increased the impact damage from the upgrade “Potent” to 40 for the first upgrade and 100 for the second (up from 35 and 85). This was to match the damage increase to the PM’s poison last month.
  • Buffed the upgrade, “Corrosive“: Your poison damage All damage is increased by 10% 20%, and your potion will gain armor reduction equal to 150% of the damage of your poison effect all damage now reduces armor by an equal amount. (Also affects acid clouds).
  • Buffed the upgrade, “Paralysis“: Every 2.25 1 seconds for the duration of the poison, it has a 70% 30% chance to stun the enemy for 1.5 sec and deal damage. The base damage is 35 and increases at the same rate as your poison’s damage. Damage is increased by 2% per alchemist rank. (Double damage at alchemist rank 50).
  • Buffed the upgrade, “Stacking“: Adds 50% 60% of your poison damage when attacking an enemy already poisoned by you (up from the typical 15%). Acid Cloud damage is based on your poison’s damage, and therefore also gets the benefit.


  • Lowered the base stun time from 1sec to 0.75sec. This was done because LightningMages were too effective when stacking them in high-population games. To keep low-population games balanced, frostmages can’t be overly effective when stacked. If the nerf proves to be too strong, I will buff LMs accordingly.


  • Fixed a bug which caused the DeathDealer (while powered) to spend power when consuming his final Empowered Shot. Power will now only be spent when the DD has consumed all his Empowered Shots. (Thanks Kersenka)


  • Changed his power spend to be similar to the DeathDealer’s. While powered: instead of consuming his power, the Gunner will first spend all his stored ammunition, and then only consume power when he’s out of ammo.


  • Increased the maximum bonus xp by 8.75% of the current barracks xp per second ((8.75%17.5% + [percentage of players who are scouts * 1.75]) * [barracks xp per sec]).
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