Small Patch (November 14)

I’ve made some small changes that are a bit overdue:

  • Shrooms and cloaking bounties now burrow 0.25 seconds after being hit (down from 1 second)
  • Orcale now ticks continuously instead of only when the barracks is open
  • Scout exploit has been fixed (hopefully)
  • The Highpriest summon, XP Ooze, now gives 16 seconds worth of training experience when killed (up from 11sec).
  • The Highpriest summon, Power Ooze, now gives 8 power (up from 6).
  • The cooldown after using the Challenge Altar on Dune Gauntlet has been reduced by 33%
  • The Challenge altar now spawns 66% of a full wave (up from 50%).
  • Enemies from the challenge altar are now 5x as likely to drop a mana or power orb.
  • Experience rewarded from the altar has been doubled
  • Upon completing the challenge, the team will received 1-4 power orbs. Low-population games award more orbs to make up for less players using the altar.
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