Stormmage Improvements

As many stormmage players have pointed out, there are some scaling issues with the stormmage’s twisters and enemies’ movement speed. The faster an enemy moves, the quicker it gets through the twister, and therefore the less effective the class is. In addition to this issue, the stormmage has also not been as effective at grouping enemies as I intended. I’ve addressed both of these issues with the following changes:

– The twister’s movement speed has been doubled
– The movement speed of the twister will increase by 1.5% per stormmage level (not rank)
– Instead of following the closest enemy, the twister will now follow the enemy which is closest to reaching the barracks (of the enemies in range).

These changes will make the stormmage much more effective, and will likely cause it to be overpowered. I’m going to hold off on making any additional balance changes until I get a feel for how overpowered it is. However, do expect a nerf in the near future.

UPDATE: Have lowered the slow range from [25%-70%] to [20%-60%]

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