Temporary Update (August 21, 2018)

As many of you know, I’m planning a large update which will likely be complete in about a month. However, there are some issues with the current build which I wanted to address, and an experimental change I wanted to try out. As such, I bring you this small, mostly temporary update:

  • Players can now join until Wave 60 (up from 40). This is a temporary change. Once the large update is released, all games will have a final wave of 60 and players will only be able to join until wave 40 (or maybe 30, we’ll see how it feels)
  • I’ve changed how Crowd Control is calculated. (This is an experimental change)
    • Previously, Crowd Control Power and Resistance each doubled approximately every 10 levels. (A level 50 enemy would have about twice the CC Resistance as a level 40 player would have CC Power – halving the effectiveness of the player’s Crowd Control)
    • Now, Crowd Control Power and Resistance are equal to 10 + Level. (A level 50 enemy would have 60 CC Resist. A level 40 player would have 50 CC Power – making the player’s CC only 17% less effective). This means that late game, Crowd Control will be MUCH more effective
    • This is almost certainly too dramatic a change. However, I thought it a good starting point for me to see how far off the math is. I plan to give it a few weeks for our intuitions to develop before making any changes
    • The obvious result of this change is that the level of Timemages will be much less important. This is not the intended effect, and I will continue to make adjustments until Timemages once again feel it necessary to train
    • A few other inevitable effects: Games will last longer (since end game will be easier). Trolls – and to a lesser degree, Shrooms – will be harder (relatively). I will keep an eye on these effects and make balance changes as needed.
  • Halved the effectiveness of Army against bosses (it was kind of ridiculous how effective it was)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the HP spell “spw” from working when the player had another unit in the game
  • Updated the website to accurately show the change to the Emerald perk: While Restoration is active, casting Boulder Turret adds 12 ammo (up from 8).
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