0.33f Patch Notes (Streamer QOL Changes)

A new build has been posted to the Stream Defense Alpha page. If you’re a streamer, I encourage you to download it. Below are the changes:

  • You can now hit “ESC” at any time to open either the Lobby Options Menu (while in the lobby) or Level Options Menu (while in a game). The game will be paused while the menu is open.
  • I’ve added a new menu: Game Options, which is available through either the Lobby Options and Level Options menus. It has several options within:
    • Game Speed: Allows you to adjust the game speed from 0.1x – 2x
      • Streamers: This might be useful if you wanted to run the game in the background at, say 0.2x speed, only bringing it to the foreground every 5 minutes to let players move their units. Or, if you’re not actively streaming, run it at 0.1x speed with 10x rewards for a 5+ hour game players can play while they simultaneously do other things. Or run it at 2x speed if you’re getting sleepy and need your players to finish the game.
    • Kick AFK Players: Allows you to decide whether AFK players should be automatically kicked from the game and how often they must enter a command to avoid being flagged as AFK.
    • Allow Whispers from Bot: Some streamers have reported whispers are not working, or not working reliably. If this option is unchecked, all bot messages will be sent to chat (instead of being whispered to the respective player).
    • Allow Voting While Game is Paused: I couldn’t decide if players should be able to vote while the game is paused, so I’m leaving it up to the streamer
  • Lollipops Leaderboard: Along with the new “Highscores Leaderbaord”, the game will now also show a “Lollipop Leaderboard” (if there are players with lollipops). Lollipops can be awarded to the players who currently hold the highscore on each map. This is suggested to be done in tandem with a highscore reset, at the end of a season. You can find these options in  Lobby Options Menu > Seasons Options Menu.
  • New Highscore Nameplate: If a player holds the highscore on a given map, they will have a new shiny nameplate while playing on that map
  • Highpriest Playability Bug Fix: I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed a bug that was preventing players from joining as a highpriest, even when subscribed, if they also had certain other badges. If you’re a streamer, please let me know if you notice whether this is indeed resolved.
  • Clarifying Language Added to Login Screen: Some streamers have reported the game is sending messages through their username (instead of the bot’s username). I believe this is probably happening because they input their account’s OAuth key (instead of the bot’s OAuth key). I realize the login screen was ambiguous, so I’ve added some clarifying language. If you’re a streamer who’s experiencing this issue, please click “NEW CHANNEL” on the login screen and make sure you’re logged into your bot account when fetching the OAuth key (also make sure not to show the OAuth key on stream).

I’m continuing to work on the game as much as my schedule will let me. I’m very excited about Crusty_Teddy, CaptKellix, and ichiiiiii streaming the game lately and I’m hopeful more streamers will find it in the coming months.

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