Stream Defense is in Alpha

I’m officially putting Stream Defense into Alpha.

How to Stream “Stream Defense”

  1. Create a bot account on
    1. This is just a normal account which the game will use to connect to chat. It must be separate from the account you’re streaming from. It will need mod access in your channel. Some streamers just use their own account.
    2. You may need to increase the allowed message limit on the bot to avoid a ban. 
  2. Download and Unzip the game files (Please let me know if this link isn’t working)
    1. Once unzipped, run the executable (called “TTDv0.33.3d” as of today. The version name may change)
      1. This is a hobby project of mine, so your computer is probably not going to trust the file. You’ll just have to trust me if you want to try streaming the alpha.
    2. The game will ask you for the bot, and channel information
    3. WARNING: Highscores have been reworked slightly in this build. Therefore, all highscores will be reset. You may want to reset highscores and award lollipops before making the switch.

I’ve Been Streaming the Game and Just Came Here to Download the Latest Version

IMPORTANT: If upon opening the new version you find your players’ progress has been reset, please follow the steps below to recover the lost data:

  1. Open the Options menu while in the game lobby (The cogwheel icon in the top left OR the ESC key)
  3. For each game mode’s Save Slot select “New Slot” and then type in “TestTable”
  4. Hit “SAVE”

I Can’t Figure it Out, Archon. Please Help Me!

If you’ve followed the steps above and are running into an issue, please send me all the details.

I’m Doing It!

If you’re able to successfully stream the game, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I want to see how it goes.

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