Stream Defense is officially in alpha. Here’s everything you need to know.

Alpha Sign-Up

If you haven’t already, please use this form to sign-up for alpha. You will get a confirmation email upon signing up. I will periodically review the entries and send alpha keys to viewers or streamers who have opted in.

There Will be Bugs

This is not early access or beta; the game is very much still in development. I will be making frequent updates without adequate testing. I rely on viewers of my channel, and now you alpha testers to help me identify bugs. Please report all bugs and other issues via the feedback channels mentioned below.

Please Join the Discord Server

If you haven’t already, please join the Discord server so you can share feedback, receive updates, and contribute to the community.

Your Feedback is Invaluable

If anything is confusing, frustrating, imbalanced, or broken, I want to hear about it! Please either post in the “feedback” channel in Discord, or fill out the feedback form. I review every submission to that form. The group of testers is very small right now, so I take every submission into serious account.

Let Me Know if You Decide to Stream the Game

I would love to watch you stream the game, with or without viewers. Please let me know if you or another streamer is streaming or planning to stream the game.

Contact Archon

The best way to contact me is by filling out this form. I will review all submissions to that form, in the order they are received.

Wishlist the Game on Steam

If you haven’t already, it helps me a ton if you’re able to wishlist the game on Steam. That is the most important metric Steam uses to promote games.