April 20th Updates

I’ve made a few changes to the game over the past few days and wanted to detail them here (Additional Changes Added April 21):


  • I’ve reworked how bounties are earned (now called “Challenge Waves”).
  • As players train in the barracks, the “Challenge Bar” will fill up. The more players in the barracks, the faster it will fill up. (The math is based on the percentage of all players – not including highpriests – who are currently in the barracks)
  • The bar only fills up while XP is being awarded. You cannot fill the Challenge Bar during boss waves, Bonus waves, or after the timer reaches 0:00 during Challenge Waves
  • Once the bar fills up, it will queue a “Challenge” to be applied to the next upcoming wave
  • If an enemy leaks to the barracks (not including damage absorbed by the guard or HP shield), the Challenge Bar will lose progress. The amount of progress lost is equal to the amount of health lost from the barracks. This does not apply to bosses.


  • The old End-Of-Round Score Screen was confusing and boring. I wanted to make a system that was intuitive, and hopefully a little more exciting
  • Killing enemies now causes “points” to fall out of their dead corpses.
  • At the end of each wave, all the points will be collected at the bottom of the screen, and added to your point total for that game.
  • The End-Of-Round Score Screen has been simplified, and will now award shards and essence based directly on how many points you’ve earned DURING THAT ROUND
  • Challenge Waves award twice as many points as regular waves
  • Bosses will award extra points based on how far they are from the barracks when they are killed. You’ll notice points spawn along the path from where they died, to the barracks.
  • Highscores and Average scores will now be based on your total score, instead of the wave you reach (I’m testing this out, and don’t mind reverting if players don’t like the new system)


The trapper and ninja are both specs that require a more active playstyle, and therefore they should be rewarded by having 10% – 20% higher maximum damage than classes which are easier to play. However, they’re currently dealing about 25% – 100% more damage. I’ve made some nerfs to try to balance them a bit. If the nerfs prove too strong, I’ll make adjustments

  • Trapper damage has been reduced by 20%
  • Ninja’s Smoke Bomb Damage has been reduced from 1,000% base damage to 500% base damage
  • Ninja’s powerup is now much more effective. Instead of only teleporting you when no enemies are in change of your tower, it will now teleport you any time there are enemies within range of a different tower. It will also prioritize the tower with the most enemies in range. (There’s a chance I’ll have to increase the power cost to balance it, but I have no plans to do this currently)
  • The falconeer’s falcon’s range has been increased by 50% (It’s now equal to 150% of the falconeer’s range)
  • The knifethrowers base damage has been increased from 200 to 225.


  • Joining a game late will cause a smaller initial increase in difficulty. Players should not feel like they’re penalizing the team by joining late. If that still proves to be the case, I’ll reduce it further
  • You no longer need to beat the Average score to activate daily bonuses. You now only need to beat wave 20.
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