Arid Junction Rework

I’ve made some changes to Arid Junction (Map 8)

But Why?

The attackable spawner towers on Arid Junction have proven to be more annoying than they’re worth. It’s confusing for new players, and can be frustrating when players have difficulty controlling whether they attack the tower or the enemies.

So What Now?

I’ve replaced the attackable towers with colored lights at the beginning of each path. The colored lights will change randomly each time a new enemy type is spawned. The colors are as follows:

  • Red: The path is closed, no enemies will spawn
  • Yellow: The path is closed, but will open once a new enemy type spawns
  • Blue: The path is open, enemies will spawn
  • Blue flashing: The path is open, but will close once a new enemy type spawns

This is mostly an experimental change. I’m not sure yet if this will be the final version of the map. If you guys like it, I will work on getting some better visuals. (I think some rocks blocking the path might look better, and be a bit more intuitive).

Please send me feedback!

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