stream defense rogue class

Assassin Update (June 10, 2018)


The Assassin felt boring, and was ineffective at removing armor from Ants without assistance from knifethrowers or ninjas. This update mostly aims to address those issues. I’ve neglected to include details about the temporary experimental change which included “charges” which ended up feeling too close to the “gunner” archer spec.

  • The assassin’s attack speed has been slowed down to 4 sec (from 3.5 sec)
  • Upon removing the last remaining armor or health from an enemy, the assassin will gain an additional attack (his “spec icon” will flash red to indicate this has occurred)
  • Upon getting a critical strike, the assassin’s spec icon will flash green.

I also made some changes to armor which aims to make rogues in general more valuable to the team. These changes have already been in the game for several days now.

  • Armored enemies now have ~30% less armor
  • Armored enemies now have ~10% less health
  • Armor now reduces damage taken by up to 65% (up from 50%)


Ninja Changes:

  • The ninja now throws one additional shuriken at his highest priority target each time he attacks.
  • The ninja can now store up to 3 charges of smoke screen
  • Smoke screen’s cooldown has been increased by 5 seconds (regardless of rank).

Gunner Change

  • While in a tower, the gunner’s attack meter will now show the remaining shots in his current clip (each clip is represented by a single bullet on his nameplate).

Frozen Steppes difficulty was reduced by an additional 5%

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