Balance Updates, December 2019

I’ve made a handful of small tweaks to the game, as described below

Lane Buffs

As many players have noticed, I’ve added “Lane Buffs” to most maps. These are shown as icons on the map. Upon reaching the icon, enemies will gain the respective buff. I’ve only added 2 so far, but I have some others in mind I might try out. The two you can see now are:

  • Speed Up: Permanently multiplies move speed by 1.5
  • Speed Down: Permanently multiplies move speed by 0.66

These were added to address a balance issues with tower placement. On some maps, certain towers were too valuable. If a player couldn’t get into one of the top towers, they felt like they couldn’t contribute. It will take some time to balance these, but hopefully players already feel like there are more viable tower choices on these maps.

Class Balance Changes

  • Scouts now grant 2 seconds of Train XP per power spent in towers (down from 3 seconds)
  • Necromancers can now summon up to 6 zombies (up from 3)
  • Zombies now only hit a maximum of 3 times before despawning (down from 6)
  • If there are no enemies in front of the Zombie, but there are enemies behind, he will now automatically turn around
  • Undead Archer‘s bow damage has been increased from 75 to 90

Other Balance Changes

  • Boss health has been lowered by 10-15%
  • Upon reaching the beginning of a path, demons will now turn around and walk the other way
    • All demons will now result in a Rune drop
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