Combining Accounts

There are a handful of players who have been playing on multiple accounts for a while now. Starting September 15th, this will no longer be allowed. To make sure you don’t lose your progress, I’m providing the option to merge your accounts.

First, to clarify, this does not mean that I will ADD the progress from both accounts together. Rather, I will take the HIGHEST value from each account and apply it to your main account (If your main account has archer rank 38 and your secondary account has archer rank 40, I will bump your archer to rank 40 on your main account). This will apply to class ranks, gold, gem rank, and prestige. (If your main account has bard rank 40 with NO prestige, and your secondary account has bard rank 10 with ONE prestige, I will set your main account to have bard rank 10 with ONE prestige)

To initiate the merger, please send me an email ( To prove that both accounts are in fact yours, please send me a whisper on Twitch ( from BOTH accounts, as follows:

Main Account: My secondary account is <username>
Secondary Account: My main account is <username>

I will then merge the accounts at my earliest convenience.

Thank you!

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