Commander Nerf 🙁

As much as I enjoy watching the commander cause chaos, if I’m being honest I know he’s probably broken. As such, I’m giving him a nerf, while trying to retain what makes him awesome. I believe he will still remain one of the strongest specs in the game (if not the strongest)

  • Commander’s bonus attack will now only trigger while he’s powered and will consume 1 power for each other player in his tower.
  • The 0.25sec cooldown between bonus attacks has been removed
  • Commander will no longer deal extra damage while powered, but will still gain 25% range and give 25% attack speed to all players in his tower.
  • Commander will no longer spend power from attacking while powered now spend half as much power when attacking
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Lava Altar on Lava or Leave it from working.
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