Commander Update (June 19, 2018)

  • New spec: Commander
    • This is an experimental spec (replacing the mimic), which may or may not remain in the game. If your bard was spec’d mimic, he’ll automatically be a commader now.
    • You can read all about him on the Classes page. Please send your feedback on Twitter or Facebook. If he ends up feeling too boring, I may use his effect as bard gear instead. 
  • Minstrel attack speed is now 2.5s (sped up from 3s)
  • Scout attack speed is now 2s (sped up from 3s)
  • Spider base health is now 50 (down from 54) 
  • New Target Priority: “Target” (‘v’ for short) – Prioritizes enemies marked by the commander
  • The target priority “NotMarked” can now be used by the commander. “NotMarked” causes the commander to prioritize enemies which are not currently marked by ANOTHER commander (will still attack enemies marked by himself)

Additional Changes (June 20, 2018)

  • Commander Balance Changes:
    • The commander’s debuff will now automatically be removed when leaving a tower
    • When the commander’s target is killed, his attack CD will immediately reset. This should make him slightly more effective in low-pop games
    • All specs will now automatically prioritize the commanders target except Bombermage, Commander, Icemage, Pyromancer, Shockmage, Stormmage, and Trickster.

  • The difficulty of Double Trouble has been decreased by 14%

Additional Changes (June 23, 2018)

  • Commander Balance Changes:
    • The commander’s range has been shortened from 12m to 10m
    • The commander’s range will now increase with level
    • The commander’s base damage has been increased to 100 (from 85)
    • When the commander’s target is killed, he will now automatically cause all players in his tower to launch a bonus attack at his new target (if one is in range). The range of the other player is irrelevant for the bonus attack.
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