December “Get in the Barracks” Update

Post Patch Update (Dec 12):

  • I removed the xp bonus at waves 30 and 50.
    • With the additional supply from challenge waves, it doesn’t seem necessary anymore. I may reduce the difficulty of later rounds, if the difficulty feels too steep. I also think I’ll probably end up making xp runes, xp potions, and xp elixirs scale off of barracks xp, despite my efforts to avoid everything being based on barracks xp.
  • I fixed a handful of small bugs which were caused by the patch


XP Changes

  • Required xp per level was reduced by 16.67%
  • The 25% bonus to training XP from the guardian was removed
  • Starting training XP was increased from 100 to 125
  • Note: These changes will make XP Runes, XP Pots, and XP Elixirs more powerful. I’m also removing XP Rune and XP Post outside of Major Perks (more below).


Challenge Wave Changes

  • Some UI improvements have been made to make it more obvious when a challenge wave is starting.
  • XP granted from defeating challenge waves is now tied to the xp you gain from training in the barracks. Its is equal to [2 waves of train xp] * [players in the game]. That is then split between the top contributors.
  • Challenge waves no longer reward a boon, unless there’s a Major Perk which grants a boon effect.
  • Challenge waves now reward supply equal to 1 + 1 per round.
  • Challenge Tomes now fill the challenge bar 1% per second, for 10 seconds, regardless of how many players are in the barracks


New Guardian Bonuses

Each guardian now grants a unique passive bonus while guarding the barracks

  • Elemental: The barracks grants 20% more xp when guard is at full health. It also still grants to Ankh effect, which activates when the barracks reaches 0 health, restoring it to full health and granting all players 1 level.
  • Magi Order: Grants 4 Challenge Tomes at the Start of Each Round
  • Wolfclan: Permanently applies the Scarecrow effect, charming enemies for 5 seconds when they reach the barracks.
  • Templar: Awards 2 Damage runes to random towers at the start of each round 


Challenge Drop Changes

  • Blitz kills now grant a challenge tome instead of a training tome.
  • Challenge potions have been removed from the game, at least for now
  • The Major Perk “Challenge Potion on Blitz” has been changed to “Challenge Tomes on Blitz”, and now drops 2 challenge tomes (up from 1 potion)


Class Changes

  • Plaguedoctor’s default talent, “Elixir” was replaced with a new talent “Potent”, which adds damage on impact, with a base damage of 90.
  • The talent Undeadarcher > Raise had some changes
    • The raised skeleton now has a health bar
    • It starts with 5% health, and gains 5% every second, as long as the Undeadarcher is in a tower
    • It loses 5% health every time it attacks
    • If it dies, it can be resummoned immediately
    • The skeleton’s base damage was lowered from 720 to 500. Mastery now increases the skeleton’s base damage by 1 per point (up from 0.25).
  • The Undeadarcher’s bow damage was increased from 60 to 70 for both talents.
  • Deathdealers will now gain ~3 power when an empowered soul is wasted and they’re unable to gain another charge. This should make Seed’s powerup feel less bad, along with being an overall buff for the spec.
  • The Scout has had some major changes. These are somewhat experimental, and subject to revision:
    • Instead of adding a chance for enemies to drop a rune when killed, the scout’s spec icon will now fill up a little each time his tower gets a killing blow. When the spec icon is completely full, his tower gains 4 rapid charges. 
    • The intel talent makes it so he also grants 2 power to his tower.
    • The scout no longer grants xp when using power in the tower. This was encouraging an AFK playstyle which can make the game less fun for teammates.
    • While powered, 50% of the scouts spent power is now refunded and split among the units in his tower (including himself)


Other Changes

  • Successfully completing a Challenge wave now awards Supply equal to 1 + round#. For example, a Challenge wave on round 2 would drop 3 Supply (1 + round 2).
  • You now need 100% of players to be training to gain the maximum amount of Challenge bar progress.
  • The maximum progress on the Challenge bar is now 25% per wave (up from 14%)
  • Elemental relics now randomly drop either a training tome or a challenge tome
  • The Demon now only drops power runes
  • Clutch kills now only drop power runes
  • Power runes now award 10 power (down from 12)
  • Power runes now award up to 10 power per wave (up from 6)
  • The power from Power runes is now only awarded while there is at least one player in its tower (the same way training tomes already work).
  • The Templar familiar now automatically grants 2 power to its tower at the start of each wave
  • The Magi Order familiar now automatically grants 4 charges of rapid to its tower at the start of each wave


Previous changes which never made it into patch notes

  • Units in the Templar army gain xp from wasted power
  • Damage to barracks is no longer increased at rounds 4 and 6 (experience still increases)
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