Experiment: Excess Power Converts to XP

After releasing the Blitz/Challenge update yesterday (The Blitz/Challenge Update (Big Changes) – Stream Defense), some players noticed that it’s now harder to play solo and to play passively.

The Experiment:

As an experiment, I’ve decided to reintroduce a system I tested last year. Instead of overflow power, excess power will now automatically be converted to XP, as if you had spent it in the barracks. For each power consumed, you’ll receive XP equal to training in the barracks for 2 seconds (not including buffs from training tomes)

I would love any feedback you can provide: https://www.streamdefense.com/discord

The goal is to allow players to play passively, so they don’t feel the need to constantly move between towers and the barracks. This can be especially taxing for solo players. I think this system is probably also a little more intuitive than overflow power, for new players.

The potential downsides:

  • It might encourage AFK play, which can be annoying for active players
  • It might be confusing to new players how some players are leveling up without going to the barracks
  • Staying in towers and never going to the barracks might be an easy way to top the leaderboards, even though it isn’t optimal for your team
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