Experiment: Hard Mode

Hard mode is an experimental change which I’d like to test out. It’s a crude change to the game which won’t withstand scrutiny, but it should give us some idea of whether or not a polished version could work.

The issue:

  • Games are too easy. Games 1-4 are mindless and almost never lost. Reaching wave 100+ on Game 5 is much too easy.
  • Items are out of control. As I buffed rewards, more and more items started to appear on screen, and it has become a little ridiculous.

The experiment (Hard Mode)

  • Perks will reward half as many items. I made this change quickly, so the numbers won’t be reflected in the game UI
  • That’s it.

The 2nd experiment (Hard Mode 2.0)

  • Perks will reward half as many items. The perk descriptions now accurately show the change
  • The Game to Game difficulty will now increase slower. This is to account for the decreased gain in power, game to game.
  • The Round to Round difficulty will now increase quicker. This is to account for the game just being too easy recently. Also, I wanted to make sure players still have an opportunity to train early on, even in the later maps

Disclaimer: Even though Hard Mode 2.0 is much more balanced than the original version, it’s still far from being balanced. This is only a test. If it goes well, I’ll continue to balance it.

As I said, this is a really crude experiment, and therefore won’t be balanced at all (for example, Game 1 will still be much too easy). I just want to get an idea of how it effects the game. Currently, I can turn Hard Mode on or off with an admin command, for testing purposes. If this makes the game at all more interesting, I’ll look into balancing it. If not, I’ll scrap it.

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