Gems Update

Gems were boring. Hopefully they’re more exciting now! You can see the updated gems on the Gems Page. Each gem now has a main stat, a secondary stat, and a passive stat. Both the main and secondary stats increase with gem rank; the passive is static.

  • Pearl is gone. If you had pearl socketed, you now have Citrine socketed
  • Mastery is a new stat that improves something specific to your spec. I will be updating the class page to reflect this. For now, you can see how mastery affects each spec on this spreadsheet.
  • Gem ranks now go up to rank 60 (The gems page shows the shards required)
  • Keep in mind, there will likely be bugs and balance issues. Allow some time for tweaks to get them to where they need to be.

Other changes:

  • The DeathDealer’s Seed of Death chance is now 5% +0.5% per alchemist rank (down from 7.5% +0.75% per alchemist rank)
  • DeathDealer Seed of Death base damage is now 250 (up from 180)
  • The ninja’s teleport now costs 3 power (up from 2)
  • Fix a bug that caused the ninja to spend power on each attack while powered up. Power will now only be spent when teleporting
  • The icemage’s robe is blue again.
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