Getting Your Feedback Earlier

After this recent update to the game I realized I need to start including you (the players) earlier in the development process. While I always give you guys my changes as soon as they’re complete, I think giving you my thoughts before I even begin writing the code would be better. There are several aspects of the recent update which are problematic, and for which much of my time could have been saved if you were given the chance to respond to my ideas before I implemented them.

That being said, I’ve written a forum post detailing my current thoughts for the next update. These are only thoughts. I’ve only recently thought them. I’m still comfortable un-thinking them if I’m given sufficient reason. Please, if you have any thoughts on the state of the game, give it a read and tell me what you think!

If this goes well, I will continue to post my thoughts on the forums before getting started on major updates. I can’t make the same promise for the incoming Alchem- er, Poisoner nerf 😛

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