Huge Class Progression Update [Details]

The first major update to the game has just been released. A lot has changed, and I’m going to try to outline all the changes here. Please note: Due to the size of the patch, and the fact that it’s hard for me to test the game on my own, there will be bugs and balance issues for at least the next few days. Please bear with me as I work to fix any issues that arise.


  • Gold will no longer be used to unlock classes or highpriest spells.  All unlocks have been reset, and you’ve been refunded the gold you’ve spent.
  • New players will now start with 2,500 gold.  All current players have been given an additional 2,500 gold
  • Gold has a few new uses now which are outlined below


  • All the class changes can be seen on the new “Classes” page:
  • Class specializations are no longer treated as their own class.  There are 6 classes (archer, rogue, firemage, frostmage, alchemist, bard), each of which have 3 specializations.  What used to be the “base class” is now the default specialization (respectively: bowman, knifethrower, pyromancer, icemage, plaguedoctor, minstrel).
  • A new currency has been added: Essence.  Each class has it’s own essence.  Essence is earned at the end of each round, the same way gem shards are earned.
  • Upon earning enough essence for a specific class, that class will “Rank up”.  Ranking up increases the power of that class by approximately 2% per rank (100% power increase at the max rank of 50).  How their power is increased is determined by the specialization.
  • Essence required for each rank can be seen on this chart
  • Each specialization (other than the default spec) has required class ranks to unlock.  Some specializations require you to rank up multiple classes.  Upon reaching the required rank, you may switch your class’s spec for 3,000 gold by typing !spec<specname> in chat.  You can change back to the default specialization at any time for 3,000 gold.
  • To join the game, you still type the class name (not the specialization name).  You will join the game as that class, with their current spec.
  • Whisper !specs to the bot (type: /w ttdbot !specs) to see the rank and spec of each of your classes.


  • The class specific gems (aquamarine, agate, sunstone, sapphire, amethyst) have been removed in favor of the new rank system.  The topaz has also been removed.  More gems will be added in the future.
  • Gems now give a larger base amount, with smaller increases per rank. Reflected in this chart
  • Upon beating the average score, a random gem will now “unlock” permanently.
  • You can switch between any of your unlocked gems at any time for 1,500 gold by typing !socket<gemname>
  • If the gem you are currently using drops, you will be granted 500 gold.
  • Whisper !gems to the bot (type: /w ttdbot !gems) to see which gems you’ve unlocked.


  • Highpriests earn essence and rank up similar to other classes
  • Highpriests can now only learn 1 spell every 5 ranks (subject to balance changes).
  • Once they unlock a “spell slot”, they can learn any spell – similar to how they always have: type !learn<spellname> in chat.
  • Spells cost 3,000 gold to learn, and can be unlearned for free at any time by typing !unlearn<spellname> to free up a spell slot
  • Whisper !spells to the bot (type: /w ttdbot !spells) to see which spells you’ve unlocked, and how many you can learn
  • HP ranks will also increase the “power” of spells soon.


  • Wave 1 is now slightly more difficult
  • Player power and enemy health now scales at half the rate. This change does not actually affect the difficulty, as they cancel each other out.  Instead, this change makes the first few player level-ups less important.  In the previous build – a level 3 was twice as powerful as a level 1.  Now a level 5 is twice as powerful as a level 1.  This was to make early training less necessary – so early defenders don’t feel so punished.
  • The difficulty increases at a much slower rate per wave.
  • There are now large difficulty jumps at the start of each round.
  • Movement speed and CC resistance increases with the round instead of with each wave.
  • Difficulty increases are exponential after round 3.
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