January 2023 Updates

My main focus right now is finishing the single-player alpha and getting the game on Steam. However, I also made some balance changes, detailed below.


January 25 Changes

  • Deathdealer – Seed changes:
    • The cost of Deathdealer’s seeds while powered was increased by 33%
    • Deathdealer’s seeds which don’t reach their target now only refund 50% of the power cost (down from 100%).
    • Each point of mastery now adds a 0.03% chance for each empowered soul to add a seed to the target (down from 0.06%).
  • Each point of mastery now increases the damage of players in the Minstrel’s tower by 0.1% of his strength (up from 0.03%).
  • Instead of gaining 25 mastery per rank, starting at rank 51, players now gain 5 mastery per rank, starting at rank 1. This means that a rank 60 character will now have 300 base mastery (up from 250). 
    • I realize this may feel like a nerf for those few players who are rank 51+; however, I felt it was important that players saw some increase in power as they rank up.


January 28 Changes

  • The units required for tower slots 4 – 6 has decreased:
    • 18 players unlocks slot 4 (down from 24)
    • 24 players unlocks slot 5 (down from 36)
    • 30 players unlocks slot 6 (down from 48)
  • Adventure Mode base difficulty was increased by 33%
  • Endless Mode base difficulty was increased by 30%
  • Fixed a bug which made the scout much too powerful at higher levels
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