July 15th PotionMaster Update

The Investment Altar

  • The Altar on Dune Gauntlet is here to stay. It has been given a name (Investment Altar) and a section on the Altar Page.
  • The Investment Altar now ticks once per second (up from every 5 seconds), but the XP/second has not been changed.
  • All effects which increase XP/sec to the barracks now also affect the Investment Altar (The altar effectively just gives 5% of whatever the barracks is currently granting)

The PotionMaster

  • Mastery no longer decreases the power needed to earn each upgrade. Instead, each point of mastery now increases power granted by Power Orbs by 0.01 (400 mastery now grants an additional 4 power per orb). This additional power is not affected by the decreased power generation from upgrades.
  • Replaced the upgrade “Revealing” (While under the effect of your poison, enemies will be unable to burrow or cloak.) with “Deadly” (Doubles the time between your attacks (to a base attack speed of 3.6 sec), and increases ALL damage by 150%)

(Added July 16): Bard ScoreBoard

  • Replaced “Average Bard Levels Given” with “Bonus Damage” on the Score Board to more accurately display the contribution from bard specs
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