Major Game Update Incoming! New Maps, Features, and Gameplay Changes!

I don’t usually do regular devlogs, but I felt it was important to update you on the progress of the game. I want to discuss a new idea I have for the game and would greatly appreciate your input.

Level Art Update

  • I’ve been redesigning all the level art using Mid-Journey.
  • I aim to create unique art, replacing the freely available or inexpensive art currently in the game.
  • I’ve showcased some new levels such as the Ancient Oasis and several maps from the Magi Order.
  • The creation process has become faster over time – it now takes 2-3 hours to add a new map.

Goals in Redesigning Maps

  • My aim is to make the gameplay less confusing for new players.
  • I’ve removed markers that caused enemies to move faster or slower.
  • The front towers have been made less attractive than the back towers to add an element of strategy.
  • I’ve shortened the paths to make the gameplay more dynamic.

New and Updated Features

  • 40% of the maps now have a clear area, enabling altars to appear on more maps.
  • I’ve introduced a new altar and I’m considering adding a few more.
  • I aim to add more variety and offer more options in gameplay.

Future Plans

  • I plan to finish the lava and snow themes in the coming weeks.
  • A huge change to the game’s core system is being considered – simplifying the challenge system.

Proposed Simplified Challenge System

  • I propose merging the Blitz system and the Challenge system into one, making it easier to understand for players.
  • With the new system, a blitz kill would reward players with a small amount of power.
  • Accumulating five blitz kills triggers a challenge wave, the completion of which rewards players with a large chunk of power.
  • I would love to hear your feedback on this proposal.

Game Balance and Training

  • The training aspect of the game will also be simplified. Now the only way to earn experience is to train.
  • This change would make it clearer to players how to level up.

User Interface (UI) Changes

  • Along with the proposed game system changes, the UI would also be revamped for better user experience and clarity.
  • I’m also considering increasing the rate of supply drops over time to help reduce the snowball effect in the game.

New Maps

  • Most of the existing maps will be replaced with new ones, with only three original ones remaining.
  • In total, there will be 22 brand new maps.

Request for Feedback

  • I’m eager to know what you think about these changes and whether they would enhance your gaming experience.
  • Your feedback is crucial as I estimate it would take about 30-40 hours to replace the system.
  • If the changes don’t work out, we can revert them. But it would be a huge waste of time if you don’t like the changes after I’ve implemented them.

Future Devlogs and Updates

  • I’d like to know if you find these updates useful.
  • I have some big updates planned for the game and believe that this is the largest one I’ve made so far.
  • I’m very excited about the game’s potential and look forward to pushing it to the finish line.

Future Plans

  • I plan to get the game in front of more streamers and create a trailer.
  • I believe that the new art will make the trailer more appealing.
  • I encourage you to send me clips if you see streamers playing the game.Please share your thoughts on all of these updates. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping the direction and future of our game. Thanks for all your support!
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