July 26, 2023 Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Changes

I’ve been making some small improvements to the game over the last few weeks. Some of these changes were made earlier, but I never made patch notes, so I’m including those here as well.

  • Fixed a bug which allowed the streamer to cast spells on the Challenge Altar
  • The Spells “XP Potion” and “Supply” no longer play the sound effect of a chest opening before granting the item.
  • Allowing the bot to whisper players is now off by default, as it no longer seems to be working (I’ll try to get whispers to work again at some point)
  • Adventure mode difficulty now only changes automatically on Viewer Run mode
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Charge Assassin from gaining extra range or attack speed from their faction (They might be overpowered. Expect a nerf, if so)
  • Fixed a bug which caused adventure perk tooltips to display twice their actual bonus
  • Added an option for streamers to set the default viewer unit limit
  • When entering a streamer’s oauth code, it now won’t matter whether or not you include the “oauth” part of the code
  • Added an option for streamers to set the duration of the vote timer
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the spell “Death Strike” to work on Templar demons
  • Fixed an issue where the scarecrow effect was not being applied to enemies if they were stunned
  • Increased difficulty of every level by 20%
  • Made floating text easier to read (hopefully)
  • Undead archer’s skele summon now has more options for spawn points
  • Overflow power is now spent 4x faster in the barracks
  • Fixed an issue that was causing altar explainer text to render behind other elements (I might have missed a few cases. Let me know in Discord)


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