July Update

  • All Highscores and Average scores have been reset. This typically happens around the first of each month

Boss Changes

  • The final (and smallest) Golems from the Rock Golem boss will no longer count as bosses in the following ways:
    • Scouts will not get the extra bonus XP granted from Bosses.  (The new amount will be more similar to killing an orc)
    • Necromancers will get normal zombies instead of boss zombies when killing them
    • The will be less immune to crowd control (Similar to regular non-boss mobs)
    • They will not create fire or kick players from the barracks.
  • The health of Dragon eggs laid by the Dragon boss has been decreased from 40 to 30
  • Trolls will now only do 4 damage to the barracks (down from 5)

Trapper Changes

  • The trappers base damage has been increased by 20%
  • The bear trap now stuns the target and deals its damage over 1 second.  Powerup increases the damage and time of the stun.
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