June 26, 2018 Balance Update

  • Commander’s bonus attack will now trigger an extra attack from other players no more than once every 0.25s. This should have a minimal effect, but will remove some of the craziness. (If craziness persists, I may up it to 0.5s)
  • Commander’s icon now flashes when he gives a bonus attack.

  • Lightningmage’s base damage is now 120 (up from 100). However, she now only gains 1% damage per rank (down from 2%)

  • Icemage’s stun duration has increased from 2s to 2.5s

  • Trapper’s frost trap now stuns for 3s (up from 2s) and slows by 70% (up from 50%)
  • Trapper’s frost spears now have a 50% chance to knockback (up from 20%)

  • Assassin now has a green attack animation for his poison attacks

  • Potionmaster’s base damage has been increased to 220 (up from 192)

  • After being stunned, an enemy is now only immune for 0.25s (previously it depended on the stun effect, and could be as long as 5s)
  • The nameplate animation on the spec icon (when a character gets a special attack) is now more obvious
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