Lava or Leave it Rework

I’ve reworked the map “Lava or Leave It” to address some issues.  First of all I’ll cover the reasons behind the changes:

  • The altar was too powerful, leaving only one viable strategy: Only leave the barracks to use the altar (except boss rounds, of course)
    • This limited player decision, and caused the map to become boring shortly after players figured it out
  • The lava damage was very effective against large groups of enemies, but not effective against smaller groups (orcs, trolls, bosses)
    • This made firemages and alchemists unnecessary

The changes I’ve made are not meant to make the map more difficult.  I would like the difficulty to stay where it is, or become a little easier.  What I’m hoping to achieve is more interesting player decisions.  Here are the changes (Subject to lots of balance changes):

  • The overall difficulty of the map has been lowered by ~10%
  • The damage from lava has been cut in half
    • Lava damage no longer affects burrowed enemies, and no longer causes enemies to burrow
    • Lava damage is still based on player level.
  • Whenever a player uses the altar, they have a chance (equal to the amount of power they sacrificed), to summon a Lava Elemental (different than the golem)
    • The Lava Elemental runs down the path quickly, exploding once he gets near an enemy.
    • Lava Elemental damage is based on the player who summoned it’s level.
  • The Lava Elemental has a small chance to spawn as a Lava Golem instead.  The chance is equal to the total power drained since the previous Golem divided by 3000.
    • The Lava Golem works the same way he did in the past
    • Lava Golem damage is now based on the player who summoned it’s level.
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