May 17 Small Balance Update

  • The speed of all projectiles – excluding bombermage, and deathdealer – has been increased by 50% – 100%
  • Gunner
    • Base damage has been increased from 95 to 105
    • Fixed a bug where the gunner wouldn’t immediately start firing when powered up
    • Fixed a bug where the gunner would stop reloading upon leaving and rejoining the game
  • Alchemists
    • Plague Doctors now gain 1% increased duration per rank (down from 2%)
    • Death Dealer’s base poison damage has been lowered from 220 to 204
    • All alchemists (and assassin): When attacking a target which already has the maximum stacks of your poison, in addition to refreshing the duration of one of their dots, will deal 40% of the poison’s total damage (powered or unpowered).
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