Mini Crowd Control Update

Crowd Control changes:

While I feel that an enemy’s resistance to crowd control (ccResist) should be tied to their level, it also provides some issues. As players gain ranks, unlock harder difficulties, and reach higher waves, the enemy’s level becomes higher and higher – enemy ccResist increases while players’ ccPower remaining the same. To balance this out, I’ve decided to increase the ccPower of players by 3% per frostmage rank. However, this could create some ridiculously strong crowd control effects against low level mobs, so I’ve also placed cap on how effective a cc ability can become:

  • Frostmages gain 2% extra ccPower per rank (for a total of +100% ccPower at rank 50)
  • The rate at which enemy ccResist increases has been halved. It will now take much longer for enemies to become resistant to crowd control.
  • Crowd control effects can never surpass 200% effectiveness (a 1 second stun can never stun for longer than 2 seconds, regardless of how much higher the player’s ccPower is than the target’s ccResist)
  • The Commander‘s bonus damage is also based on their ccPower. Therefore, the commander will now receive 2% extra ccPower per rank (replacing the +0.2% damage per rank) and 0.2% extra ccPower per point of Mastery (replacing the +0.025% damage per rank).  The commander’s bonus damage may not exceed 200% of the base amount.
  • If an enemy is already stunned, and is then hit with a more powerful stun, the total stun time will now be replaced by the more powerful stun (If an enemy is hit by a 2 second stun, and then 1 second later is hit by a 3 second stun, the total stun time will become 3 seconds. Since the enemy has already been stunned for 1 second, they will now remain stunned for 2 seconds (3 seconds total)).
  • The above change has also been made to charms.

Class Changes

  • The Rank 60 Onyx Perk for Highpriests now gives their summons a 60% chance to drop a mana orb (100% has proven to be too high after the recent HP changes)
  • The Trapper can now type !sp to immediately lay a trap, even if enemies are in range.
  • The Ninja no longer teleports automatically while powered. Instead, he’ll only attack with Deadly Shurikens while powered. He can still teleport in exchange for power using !sp. Teleporting while powered is free.

Other Changes:

  • One of the tips in the rotating tip box (bottom of the screen) now shows how much a new player joining the game would increase the difficulty
  • Typing (or whispering TTDBot) !diff will now prompt TTDBot to whisper you how much you’re currently contributing to the total difficulty of the enemies


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