Mini Highpriest Update (July 24)

After making Meditate a purchasable spell, I decided it’s a good spell for every highpriest to have. Therefore, I decided to make it a default spell (along with “Strength“). I’ve also added a new spell, “MassMastery“, which will replace Meditate for anyone who bought it in the past 2 days.

  • Meditate is now a default spell for all highpriests
  • NEW SPELL: MassMastery: 60 mana – Grants all players 50 mastery for 5 waves. Recasting the spell will add a stack (up to 3, for a max of 150 mastery) and will refresh the duration to 5 waves. ( type !learnmassmastery to purchase for 5,000 gold)
  • New Icons: Casting Experience Ooze or Power Ooze will now display a buff icon above the barracks, showing how many summons are in queue.
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